Paraphrase is a composers collective, based in the Netherlands. We started in 2008 and have since then been working for a broad range of clients in the television, film and advertising industries.

We represent a network of talented young composers and musicians. This way we can be musically diverse, always available and, if needed, very fast.

Whether you are working on a film, a commercial or a TV show, we can provide you with original music that suits your needs. Give a call or shoot us an e-mail. Let's make beautiful things together.


Ever since he was a young boy, Jorrit has been fascinated by the emotional power of music. It is this fascination that led him to study composition for the media and later to assist composer Christopher Young on Hollywood blockbuster "Spider-man 3". His ability to create musical concepts in a snap makes him a vital part of the team.


Brought up in a house full of music from across the globe, Alexander's affection for music was developed at an early age. He studied at the School of Music & Technology, and lived in Los Angeles for a while, assisting composers Jeff Rona and Klaus Badelt on several projects. In 2007 he won the European Film Music Award.
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